Nature Inspired Self-Care 

for Mind, Body & Home


The Wild at Heart Method is uniquely designed to help you:

Recover from burnout as a result of chronic STRESS, processed food, sugar, caffeine, toxins, poor sleep, & inactivity.

Restore hormone balance and a healthy microbiome for aging well, immune support, and a healthy weight. 

Improve sleep quality and quantity.

Support cellular health to reduce chronic inflammation that leads to chronic disease.

Release daily stress, anxiety, and depression through mindfulness practices, nature therapy, and digital detoxes.

Infuse your mind, body, and home with nature!

Angela Juhl, MS, CHWC, CYT
Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
Wellcoaches™ Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher

Online and In-Person
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 The reWilding Movement
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Stress & Lifestyle Coaching
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 For decades, our cultural norms have been creating strong and opposing forces against our collective health and wellbeing, with widespread chronic disease epidemics and a climate crisis now our day to day reality.

If you are experiencing:
  • chronic physical symptoms that prevent you from loving your life
  • unrelenting stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, or overwhelm
  • a feeling of (dis)connection, loneliness, isolation, or climate grief 
  • a feeling like something is missing in your life is simply a sign  for you to reWild.  
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  • a philosophy of core values

  • an intentional choice to honor the wisdom of nature in our lifestyles

  • a commitment to rebuilding a relationship with the natural world

  • daily action to restore mind.body health & wellbeing with nutrient-rich whole foods and nature-infused self-care

Inviting the wisdom of  nature as our guide,
Wild at Heart Workshops & Health Coaching  Sessions focus on these 4 lifestyle areas: 

Nutrient-Rich Whole Foodsnourish your mind & body with health-promoting whole foods and mindful eating.
A Wild & Healthy Home: reduce toxic exposures and invite  nature indoors to create a healthier home environment.
Restorative Sleep: realign your daily routine & sleep environment with the rhythms of nature for more restful sleep.
Relationship-Building with Nature for Stress Resilience:  intentional physical or creative time spent with the kingdom of plants, trees, the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars and the animals to supercharge your resilience against chronic stress.

Client Success Stories 

If you have a vision of the way you want to live, but you are having a hard time getting there, then I recommend Angela! She has a very calming and warm presence and will help guide you to your most authentic self. She will help you let go of the stuff that no longer serves you and help you find those things that help you thrive and grow. She always asked the right questions to allow me to think deeper and trust my own answers. She really cared about me making the progress that I desired and after going through the coaching process, I discovered that many of my existing lifestyle behaviors were not allowing me the privilege of living with a sound mind, body, and spirit connection.

~ Rebecca R.

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Wild at Heart Coaching Session
This session is an invitation to:
  • Explore your wellbeing vision for the future and current challenges.

  • Explore the possibilities of how the Wild at Heart Method & my coaching support can help you reach your goals! 

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Discover Your True North

Wild Reset Workshops


'Wild Reset' Workshops are a treasure map of transformation to realign your diet, lifestyle, mindset and home with the wisdom of nature. 





reWild Your Meals: Eating Whole Food Rainbows  is Easy With Meal Prep and Go-To Customizable Recipes

Yoga by the Pool

reWild Your Movement by Tapping into Freedom & Joy in the Outdoors


reWild Mealtime with Mindful & Intuitive Eating 

Meditating on the Beach

reWild Your Mind with Mindfulness, Nature Therapy & Creating Sacred Space

Modern Dining Room

reWild Your Home & Office by Inviting Nature In and Kicking Toxins Out

Under the Stars

reWild Your Sleep for Optimum Hormone Function, Health, and Wellbeing

Rock Maze

Digital Detoxes & Nature Meditations 


Intentional reWilding retreats and spending time with nature to supercharge your resilience against chronic stress.

Wild Horses on the Prarie

Nature Totems & Spirit Animals

Tap into the teachings & guidance from animals to deepen your relationship with the natural world and receive healing support from the animal kingdom!

Enjoying Outdoor


Harness the power of the Earth to lower inflammation, lift your mood, improve your sleep, and reduce stress. 

Girl Running in a Field

Embracing Seasons & Cycles

Align with the rhythms and cycles present in nature to guide you in honoring your own rhythms and cycles for creativity, rest, and energy.

Couple on a Walk

Sensory Immersions

A daily practice to combine time spent in nature with mindfulness to feel fully alive with all of your senses.

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Nature Journaling

Explore this beloved relationship-building ritual to tune into the beauty and wonder of mother nature in all of its artful details.


The reWilding Movement




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rewilding retreat guide

 Can you hear the call

of the wild ?  

Functional Medicine

is revolutionizing healthcare.


Diet & lifestyle


is leading 

this revolution.


of mind.body (im)balances

  • chronic or intermittent fatigue

  • blood sugar (im)balances

  • headaches or migraines

  • vague feeling of (un)well

  • exercise (in)tolerance

  • anxiety and/or depression

  • weight gain, cravings

  • brain fog or memory loss

  • frequent infections

  • low libido, infertility

  • autoimmune disorders

  • neurodegeneration

  • muscle weakness or pain

  • skin irritations, eczema, dermatitis

  • poor sleep quality & quantity

  • hair and nail weakness

  • gastrointestinal upset: bloating, gas, pain, food (in)tolerances and sensitivities, diarrhea and/or constipation, poor digestion of proteins or fats, heartburn


your diet & lifestyle

for mind.body wellbeing 

Woman Walking in the Field

Take time to Wander...

​Benefits of the Wild at Heart Method
  • Create a nourishing relationship with the wild world, food, movement, and self-love
  • Restore cellular function to turn back the clock for healthy aging
  • NOURISH your mind.body with health-promoting whole foods and feed a healthy  microbiome for  happier digestion
  • Restore  a   positive  mood & mental CLARITY
  • Support hormone function for more  ABUNDANT  Energy,   restful  sleep,   glowing  skin, and a healthy weight as you age
  • Calm and  soothe your nervous system with  mindfulness &  NATURE to  build RESILIENCE to chronic stress

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