Beauty and the Machine

Our biology is designed to match the vibration and energy of our surrounding environment.

For millennia, we were attuned to the earth’s slow, gentle, and healing hum. We've held this rhythm that savors the meandering of seasons and cycles of the moon, allows for deep inhales and exhales, welcomes a mindful pause to enjoy the breeze blowing through the trees or staring into the soul of something wild and eternally free.

Before the advent of machines, our entire human experience was one that ran on geologic time - the graceful unfolding of the Earth's and our story, sunset by sunset, season by season, captured layer by layer in sediment and dust.

When our bare feet touch the Earth, our energy is grounded to the current of the earth's electrical charge. We walk on the story of everything that came before us - a silent, time-keeping clock that we and our biology understand without instruction.

But now, we are in the midst of a world-wide science experiment as the age of technology unfolds, disrupting our natural rhythms and physiology down to a cellular level.

The faster we move, think, consume, breathe, and bathe in the unrelenting electricity, the sicker we become physically and the more scattered we feel mentally - because our biology is trying to match the rhythm of the machines that we spend our days and nights plugged into, assaulted by, and transfixed on nearly 24-7.

An absurdly impossible task.

reWilding leads us back to a familiar pace of geologic time. The benefits can be felt immediately.


an intentional choice

to honor the wisdom of nature, 

rekindle a soulful relationship

with the natural world,

and restore health & wellbeing

with nutrient-rich whole foods

and nature-infused self-care,

mindfulness, & lifestyle transformation

If your curiosity has gone cold, your lightheartedness has fallen heavy, or you no longer find yourself skipping and singing down the road less-traveled most days, I invite you to listen for the call of the wild...

What if some days you chose to be without agenda and immersed yourself in wild wonder once again? Without to-do lists. Without mindless consumption. Without the distraction of screens and bells. Without the feeling you are always behind your (mostly) self-made schedule...

Just you, your loved ones, and the wild world in a state of careless timelessness.