reWild Your Kitchen

reWilding naturally invites us to replace something that is a barrier to our wellbeing with a simpler, more nourishing alternative aligned with the wisdom of nature.

reWilding your kitchen is fundamental to mind.body health and choosing health-promoting food, mindful grocery shopping strategies, and time-saving meal prep are all easier than you think!

Top 10 Ways to reWild Your Kitchen

  1. Keep your kitchen environment organized, clean, and adorned with fresh flowers, herbs, fruits, plants, and other nature-inspired objects for a relaxing and high vibration atmosphere.

  2. Open windows and let in natural light, fresh air, and birdsong when possible.

  3. Eat fresh food and freshly prepared food as often as possible.

  4. Store food in glass or ceramic containers and drink from glass, instead of plastic.

  5. Take the extra minutes to heat food on the stove top or in the oven instead of the microwave.

  6. Reduce buying packaged food sold in plastic containers and/or plastic/cling wrap, e.g., meat, cheese, tortillas, cakes, pies, etc. (plastic particles seep into food, especially foods high in fat.)

  7. Buy pasture-raised animal protein, dairy, and eggs when possible that have a healthier nutrient profile, less toxins, and are raised more humanely.

  8. Choose organic produce as often as you can afford to reduce your toxin load - especially the Dirty Dozen.

  9. Drink filtered or natural spring water to reduce exposure to chlorine and other pollutants.

  10. Replace non-stick or aluminum cookware with cast iron or stainless steel.

Grocery Shopping Strategies

Have a plan, not necessarily a list. Set an intention to fill your cart with food mostly in its WHOLE, unprocessed form.

You will, inevitably, be triggered by all of the sugar-filled and franken foods in every aisle because this is the reality of our food landscape and emotional attachment to comfort foods from our childhoods.

But the more informed you become, the more power you’ll have. And if you commit to reading labels, you will spend more time at the store initially to make better choices, but then you’ll learn what to avoid and it will get easier, faster, and less stressful over time.

  1. Always start in the produce aisle. Choose enough fresh veggies for ~ 5 days of meals & fresh fruit to last the week. If you buy more than this, some of your foods may spoil before you get to them. Your cart should look colorful at this point! Choose a variety of non-starchy veggies, root veggies, and leafy greens aiming for 2-3 servings per meal per person. Focus on eating the more perishable produce in the first few days and save the hardier root veggies for later in the week to make your dollars stretch.

  2. Swing by the fresh or frozen Meat/Seafood Department for a few unprocessed animal proteins, if desired.

  3. In the freezer section, choose for a variety of frozen veggies (squash, peas, broccoli, spinach, edamame, cauliflower rice, etc.) for quick meal prep, frozen berries or fruit (often a cheaper option when out of season), or specialty items like bone broths and soup bones. You can also save your frozen veggies for later in the week when the fresh produce has been eaten.

  4. Stop by the coolers for nut milks, organic fermented dairy & cheese, pasture-raised eggs, fermented sauerkraut, sprouted tofu, etc.)

  5. Stay focused through the middle aisles of the store for any pantry staples needed because this is where is starts to get emotionally challenging. Avoid the aisles that trigger you the most. If you must bring home a few convenience snack items, choose 1-2 items for a little crunch or treat with as few ingredients as possible.

  6. Freshly prepared options: some stores also have a healthy selection of soups and other prepared meals to save time on a meal prep.

  7. You can also opt for online ordering & grocery delivery to avoid the store all together! In the summer, head to the nearest farmers market or purchase a CSA for a farm-to-table experience. Freshly grown food DOES TASTE BETTER.

reWilding Our Minds Around Meal Prep

reWilding is an invitation to reconnect to our respect and love for nature and the wisdom of how to nourish our human bodies and minds.