reWild Your Holidays

With the holiday season of this unforgettable year finally upon us, a time that is normally highly social, celebratory, and steeped in tradition and shopping ’til we drop, ‘normal life’ continues to be a moving target as we round out the year.

Despite the challenges, there is a sense that we, as a collective, have become more nimble mentally while we carve out this new path in front of us and reinvent new ways of doing things and being in the world.

And while this may feel restrictive and anxiety-producing at times, we are also being given an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine a future that supports mind.body health and wellbeing for all, now that a spotlight has been shown on our vulnerabilities. There is so much possibility in new beginnings, much of which has yet to be realized this year, but the groundwork has been laid.

With this new beginning, we are being invited to not only reimagine our holidays, our traditions, and our priorities, but we have also been freed from an excess of obligations and demands on our time, clearing our calendars for more mindful and intentional doing (and non-doing).

I propose to use this time to take an honest inventory of the things we will and won’t miss about holidays past, let go of anything that was not serving us, and amplify everything we want more of this December and beyond, to which I humbly offer you 3 simple steps to reWild Your Holidays this year.

reWilding is, at its essence, a philosophy and an intentional choice to honor the wisdom of nature in all aspects of life to restore our connection to an ancient intelligence. Slowing down and traveling inward from time to time allows us access to our own innate intelligence, where our intuition guides us and where our truest desires live.

May the ideas that follow be useful and inspire your own reimagining . . .

Step 1: Slowing Down

Monday, December 21st marks the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere. As we approach this seasonal milestone, we can look to nature for a reminder of our own seasonal shifts and changes and accept the invitation to be slow and more still in the coming weeks.

With this invitation, we are also being asked to take a stand against living our lives in the never-ending sunshine of chronic summer: the health-eroding cultural norm of 24-7 consumption, innovation, production, scrolling, selling, growing, and achievement . . . in exchange for the retreat that winter naturally brings, calling for more solitude, rest, reflection, replenishment, connection, and savoring (without the guilt).

Sounds inviting, yes?

Everything in nature instinctively obeys the changing of seasons, the monthly cycles of the moon, and the daily rhythm of the sunrise and sunset, except humans. We, as a collective, have spent the last few thousand years methodically insulating ourselves from the most vital aspect of wellbeing, our natural ebb and flow of growing and retreating, of doing and non-doing that preserves our vital life force. This is a legacy worth contemplating and confronting in these historic times, and why reWilding is a central theme of the Wild at Heart method.

Some resources to explore for slowing down: