reWild Your Home, Personal Care Products, & Supplements

The Art of reWilding invites us to (re)align our lifestyles with the wisdom of nature. In doing so, we’re also cleansing our bodies, our food, our homes, our relationships, and even our thoughts in the process, while adopting simpler, more nourishing alternatives.

10 Tips to reWild Your Home for Mind.Body Health

  1. Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products (e.g., Seventh Generation, ECOS, Common Good) or simple, safe DIY ingredients: There is almost nothing that vinegar and baking soda can’t clean!

  2. Eliminate unnecessary or harmful beauty products and replace with safer, simpler alternatives. Many of us have filled our bathrooms with toxic, hormone-disrupting beauty products because we’ve been marketed to for decades by the companies that produce them. It is a legacy no one should be proud of and one that only consumers can change. The Environmental Working Group is a resource to help you identify safer alternatives or visit your local or online herbal apothecary to explore natural, time-tested remedies, lotions, and potions that have been used for hundreds or even thousands of years.

  3. Make your home a NO SHOE ZONE to eliminate tracking in chemicals & bacteria from the grass, parking lots, public buildings & restrooms.

  4. Use organic and/or non-bleached, fragrance-free feminine products, Thinx, or menstrual cups.

  5. Filter the air by choosing high-quality HVAC filters and change them regularly, use an air purifier in your home or bedroom (e.g. IQ Air), add more houseplants, leave windows open for air flow, reduce indoor smoke from fireplaces & candles.

  6. Avoid aerosols (of any kind) and scented household products, e.g., laundry detergent, artificially fragranced candles, air fresheners, dryer sheets, and perfumes. Diffuse and use essential oils instead! Evergreen essential oils specifically bring the beneficial compounds of evergreen forests indoors - try this trio + diffuser!

  7. Say NO to pesticides and herbicides in and around your home. Grow Organic

  8. Clean up mold growth & water damage in your home, e.g., bathrooms, basements, window sills. Toxic mold in your home is airborne and will silently harm your mental and physical health, so it needs to be taken seriously. It is often very costly, frustrating, and time-consuming to recover from significant mold exposure. Learn More Here.

  9. Use safer home remodeling and furniture materials to reduce off-gassed fumes inside your home: low-VOC paints, hardwood or tile flooring instead of carpet, cotton curtains instead of polyester or vinyl, and hardwood/cotton/wool furniture instead of particle board/foam/adhesives when possible.

  10. Detoxify your bed & bedding and buy all natural materials for your bed, linens: wool, latex, cotton, and linen (avoid foam, polyester, chemically treated, flame-retardant mattresses). You spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in your house, so take this opportunity to make it a health haven for you and your loved ones. One of the best purchases I ever made was an organic latex mattress and wool topper from the Natural Sleep Store - heavenly!

A Word About Supplements

Supplements can compliment holistic lifestyle changes when you choose:

  1. High-quality, third-party tested products from reputable companies

  2. Given at therapeutic doses determined by a healthcare professional