reWild Your Mind

Mindfulness = non-judgmental awareness of our inner world and outer surroundings that looks and feels a lot like wonder + curiosity . . . inviting us to ponder, “Hmm, what is this?” with acceptance & surrender in each moment we encounter.

The Benefits of Mindfulness Backed by Science

  • lower anxiety & depression

  • decreased stress and circulating cortisol (master stress hormone)

  • lower blood pressure and resting heart rate

  • improved immune function and faster recovery from illness

  • increased brain function, memory, and neuroplasticity

  • feeling more calm and grounded in the body

  • feeling less emotionally reactive to negative stimuli

  • feeling more joy, gratitude, or states of ‘bliss’

  • awareness of the “monkey mind” and repetitive thought patterns (+ or -)

  • deepening into spirituality, faith, and our connection to spirit

Mindfulness is an art form, allowing thoughts to come and go as you focus on your breathe or sensory information (what you see, hear, feel, taste, smell), redirecting your attention back to the present moment when your mind begins to wander (as it always does).

Formal mindfulness-based practices like meditation, yoga, or Qi Gong are all wonderful, but everyday mindfulness while washing the dishes, gardening, talking with a friend, playing with pets or kids, cooking, eating, enjoying your morning coffee, creating, or walking in nature offers even greater rewards.

Think about an encounter with someone who was fully present with you. How did it feel? Did you feel seen and heard? Did they withhold judgement, offer support, or calm you just by their presence? Did they mirror something back to you that sounded true or profound? Did you walk away from the encounter feeling a shift, a lightness, or relief?

Healing happens when we are fully present with ourselves, other people, animals, plants, and the earth.

Being fully present looks attentive, focused, and engaged and feels grounding, centering, and calming in the body and mind. It allows us to take in the details. It allows for appreciation and gratitude. It builds relationship between you and the other - be it a person, nature, emotions, memories, or objects . . . creating connection with a golden, soul-binding thread.

reWilding is the art of (re)building relationship with everything around you and inside of you - an old world antidote to the speed and detriment of modern day life. All that is required is intention, daily practice, and the inspiration to create sacred space.

Let’s make this commitment together.

Settling into a Mindful Lifestyle

1) Set your intention: (re)Wilding is intentional at its core. What is your WHY for building your mindfulness muscles? Based on all of the benefits mentioned above, what feels motivating or missing in your life? Setting intentions is a ritual we practice every month during the New Moon Circles and you are most welcome to join us for exploring your intentions more deeply.