reWild Your Mood with Self Love & Positivity

Positivity and health are 2-way streets. It is widely accepted that past emotional traumas and habitual negative thought patterns influence our mental and physical health, so the thoughts we think are just as important as the food we eat and the lifestyle choices we make when it comes to healing our mind.body.heart & soul.

And let’s face it, there is no shortage of things to worry about or beat ourselves up over in these challenging times we are living in - so we could all benefit from a few powerful pattern disrupters in our self-care tool box to support our mood & mental health.

Pick one of these emotions each day and focus your energy on bringing it to life with your thoughts, your words, and your actions replacing the old worn out mental patterns and negative emotions you may be currently experiencing.

Top 10 Positive Emotions to Strive For

  1. Inspiration: connecting your health & wellbeing to a higher purpose & meaning in your life

  2. Hope: creating a vision for your future

  3. Pride: uncovering your strengths and talents

  4. Interest: setting goals that are engaging, but not anxiety-producing; following your creativity

  5. Love: heart-centered care, connection, & understanding to SELF, people, nature, places, and things

  6. Awe: reclaiming your child-like wonder for the world; appreciation of beauty and excellence

  7. Amusement: finding humor in the every day; laughing at yourself to not take life so seriously

  8. Joy: enJOYment of all life is offering you

  9. Gratitude: appreciating the gifts in your life, but also the challenges

  10. Serenity: savoring moments of contentment

Good health generates positivity and positivity generates good health = upward spiral.

5 Self-Love & Positivity Boosters

1. Soften Your Language

This is a simple practice and one that I work on every day . . . when you catch yourself in a negative thought loop, saying something negative out loud, or criticizing yourself, practice just softening your language by rephrasing your word choice to a more positive version.

DO THIS IMMEDIATELY the moment you recognize negativity for the most effective pattern disruption.

For example: “This is the worst day! How could I (they) be so thoughtless! Why did I (they) do that? Everything is ruined.”

  • Start with softening the words a little: “This is a challenging day, but I can’t expect life to always go my way. I did the best I could today given the circumstances. Not everything is under my control.”

  • When you’re ready, try softening even more to a positive statement and affirmation inspired by Louise Hay AND place your hand over your heart: “Even though I had a challenging day today, I am always learning and I still love and accept myself. I am worthy of love. I am a compassionate person and I can forgive others easily who are learning, too.

WORDS MATTER. If you can master this technique, you’ll have stumbled into the kingdom of peace & positivity, where negative emotions and stress melt away, and you re-enter the flow of your life.

2. 120 Minutes in Nature