Taking an Honest Inventory

Commitment to everyday mindfulness (on and off the cushion) + the courage to check in with yourself honestly to uncover the aspects of your mind.body.heart & soul that are (un)well = a recipe for transformation.

When our days and nights are filled with constant distraction and consumption, our truest selves and desires can get buried deep underneath all of that noise.

Be brave dear one! Awareness is the first step toward your most well-loved life.

The next time you are in a state of inner stillness and solitude, tune in and take an honest inventory of your current state of wellbeing. Feel free to use the following prompts to guide your process:

Food: What is your relationship to food and how does it make you feel? How do you feel before and after meals? What does your diet mainly consist of? Are the feelings you've identified mostly negative or mostly positive?

Sleep: How do you sleep? Do you feel rested and full of energy in the morning? Or chronically exhausted? Do you know how to optimize your bedroom and bedtime routine for restful sleep?

Home: How does your home environment affect you? Does it comfort you? Stress you out? Is it clean? Cluttered? Is nature a part of your home in various ways? What do you wish you could change?

Work: Do you feel happy in your work and your work environment? If not, why? How do you feel at the end of the day on your way home or into the evening? Are your unique talents being put to good use? Are your interactions with your boss or colleagues mostly positive or negative? What is your dream job? What's stopping you from your dream?

Habits: Are you struggling with any addictions to food, technology, prescriptions, alcohol, drugs, other? What are your addictions a replacement for? Are you seeking help from a supportive community to overcome them?

Health: What is the status of your physical & mental health? Have you been diagnosed with an illness or are you experiencing chronic mind.body symptoms that impact your life? How is your mood? Your GI function? Do you have chronic pain? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does your health prevent you from living the life you desire on daily basis?

Spirit: Do you feel spiritual (dis)connection or an abundance of divine energy in your life? What connects you to the Divine and how can you do that more often?

Free Time: How would you rate the quality & quantity of your free time? Do you take time each day to recharge, relax, and practice self-love? If not, what is the reason? What mindless distraction can you give up to create more space for this essential activity?

Connection: Do you feel supported and content in your relationships? Do you feel seen and heard by your loved ones or social circle? Or do you experience the feeling of isolation or loneliness often? Do you practice heart-centered connection or head-centered? What energy do you think you give off when in public or meeting someone new? Do you think others feel warmth or something else?

Purpose: Are you pursuing your passion & purpose in the world? Do you even know what that is for you? How often do you allow yourself to follow your heart? What makes your heart SING?

What is your mind.body.heart & soul telling you? Which areas of your life need reWilding?


an intentional choice

to honor the wisdom of nature, 

rekindle a soulful relationship

with the natural wo