The Future is Functional

Conventional, allopathic medicine (treating acute/chronic disease or injury with pharmaceutical drugs or surgery) is excellent in matters of life-saving emergency.

But as a methodology for restoring and supporting longevity, vitality, and optimal mind.body function - it simply isn't designed or delivered to address the cultural impact of the disease-promoting lifestyles we now live.

This is where Functional Medicine shines - addressing the root causes of chronic illness, championing community for achieving sustainable results, and supporting the whole person - mind.body.heart & soul.

Chronic illnesses are largely the result of lifestyle illnesses.

We are seeing unprecedented rates of chronic physical and mental illness because we have lost touch with our own biology - one that is deeply rooted in nature.

We are nature by every sense of the word.

In order to break this catastrophic cultural cycle that feeds illness, our healthcare system needs to (re)align with the laws of the natural world that govern the biology of all living beings. Functional Medicine fulfills this promise.

The Future is Functional: Foundations of the Functional Medicine Approach

  1. Health is defined as positive vitality rather than just the absence of disease.

  2. Holistic approach that considers nutrition, lifestyle, community, and our  mind.body.heart & soul - the whole range of the human experience.

  3. Personalized interventions based on the biochemical uniqueness of a person’s genetic predispositions, epigenetic gene expression, and past/current environmental exposures.

  4. Honors the interconnectedness of our body systems: digestion, circulatory, immune, detoxification, hormones, nervous system, musculoskeletal, and energy production - disease and (im)balance does not occur in isolation!

  5. Focuses on prevention, early intervention, and root cause resolution to correct underlying cellular and lifestyle (im)balances that often lead to illness and disease if they were allowed to continue or worsen.

A few examples of clinicians who are applying a Functional Medicine approach to improve or reverse chronic illnesses on the national stage:

  1. Dr. Dale Bresden & the Bresden Protocol has shown how to reverse early Alzheimer's decline in a ground-breaking model for prevention with nutrient-dense nutrition, lifestyle changes, and targeted supplementation.

  2. Dr. Terry Wahls & the Wahl’s Protocol reversed the decline of her own progressive autoimmune condition of Multiple Sclerosis and is now in the process of leading clinical trials on her methodology.

  3. Dr. Dean Ornish & Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn have shown how to reverse even the most serious cases of life-threatening heart disease using a diet and lifestyle approach.

  4. The Cleveland Clinic, one of our country’s finest medical hospitals, now houses The Center for Functional Medicine and groundbreaking research initiatives are now underway on the Functional Medicine approach at Harvard Medical School, arguably the best medical school in the world.