The Power of Wellbeing Visions

Your Wellbeing Vision is a unique vision statement that is personally meaningful to you and inspires you into ACTION to live your most authentic, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Our current cultural norms create strong & opposing forces against our mind.body.heart & soul wellbeing - so by creating a Vision for yourself and your best life, you are setting a powerful intention and declaring a destination that will serve as your compass toward True North.

Your Vision will keep you pointed in the right direction even when the path ahead is unknown or unclear or full of ankle-twisting gopher holes that suspend your journey to a total standstill while you recover.

But the best part about Wellbeing Visions: there are NO RULES.

Visions can take the form of a paragraph, a list, an image collage (vision board), a painting, a song, or any other artistic form that suits you. And your Vision will evolve as YOU evolve over time. So, have fun with it!

7 Benefits of Creating Your Wellbeing Vision:

  1. Greater self-awareness : know thyself!

  2. Living with more intention.

  3. Identify your core values as your True North.

  4. Identify personal strengths.

  5. Identify areas of opportunity to ask for support.

  6. Boost your commitment to living a life you love.

  7. Discover & tap into your motivations to achieve your Vision.

Wellbeing is largely influenced by the following factors.

Your Vision may include just one or ALL of them:

  1. Food: your relationship with food, food choice at every meal, your understanding of what “healthy” means, the impact of food quality and quantity on your mental and physical health.

  2. Sleep: how you prioritize rest & repair and the quality of your sleep environment.

  3. Movement: your preferences and commitment to daily movement and fitness.

  4. Stress: how well you balance the stress of life with fun, laughter, creative arts, nature, and relaxation.

  5. Mindfulness: your relationship to self and the activities/influence of your mind/emotions.

  6. Connection: how you communicate, prioritize, and nurture your relationships to your spouse/partner, family, friends, coworkers, the natural world and your community.

  7. Meaning and Purpose: living a life that is personally meaningful to you and serves a higher purpose (this includes your career, hobbies, home environment, family, and your awareness of your unique talents & strengths that make you shine).

  8. Nature: the time you spend in connection to the earth, trees, plants, sun, moon, stars, & the animals.

  9. Spirituality: your connection to the Divine, however that manifests for you.

Keep the above factors in mind when answering the Vision prompts below.

Grab your journal, take a seat on the earth, look up toward the sky, & DREAM BIG!