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Wild at Heart Methodology

Inviting nature as our guide, the Wild at Heart Method explores all 4 Major Lifestyle Factors and the 5 Main Body Systems impacted by our lifestyles, unhealthy cultural norms, & absence of nature in our lives to bring your mind.body.heart & soul back into balance.

4 Major Lifestyle Factors

  1. Nutrition: nourish your mind & body with simple, health-promoting, nutrient-dense whole foods and mindful eating principles.

  2. Sleep: by (re)aligning your daily routine with the rhythms of nature you set the stage for more restful and restorative sleep every night.

  3. Stress: supercharge your resilience with mindfulness-based practices & spending intentional time immersed in the kingdom of plants, trees, the earth, the sun, the moon, and the animals.

  4. Movement: moving your body every. single. day. in nourishing ways unique to your preferences is an expression of self-love of the highest order.

Lifestyle Factor Universal Laws

  • These 4 factors are all interconnected, impacting one another, and form a holistic foundation of your mind.body health. If any one of them is out of balance - the other 3 will suffer.

  • They are all modifiable - you are in control of these mind.body inputs every day.

  • If you improve on these areas - your health & wellbeing will improve dramatically.

  • They have the greatest return on your investment of time, money, and effort.

  • The 5 Main Body Systems are all impacted by the 4 Major Lifestyle Factors

5 Main Body Systems

  1. Hormone Health: blood sugar (im)balances from a standard American diet, chronic stress, and toxin exposures wreak havoc on hormone production and function -  leading to weight gain, low energy, disrupted sleep, mood swings, low sex drive, and the feeling of burnout.  

  2. Energy Production: nutrient deficiencies, toxin exposures, chronic stress, and sitting too much prevent our cells from producing enough energy to carry out vital cellular functions to support physical and mental vitality.  

  3. Gut Health: beneficial gut bacteria and the integrity of our digestive tract lining are the first things to break down when we eat a highly processed & phytonutrient or fiber-poor diet, eat high protein or high fat meals without plants, consume toxins in our food and water, or eat foods that we have become allergic to.

  4. Brain Health: anxiety, depression, and mental function are directly related to our gut health (gut-brain connection), nutrient deficiencies, toxin exposures, and unresolved trauma and stress.

  5. Immune Health: chronic inflammation, that we now know leads to chronic disease, is often the result of a domino effect from weight gain, nutrient-poor diets, toxin exposures, chronic stress, lack of sunshine, and lack of nutritious movement.

This is an example of how just one lifestyle factor can affect all 5 body systems.

If you are chronically sleep deprived (<7hrs per night):

  • cravings for carbs and caffeine are common that promote wild swings in your blood sugar levels - disrupting your thyroid function, adrenal function, and insulin & other metabolic hormone production leading to depressed metabolism, weight gain, gut dysbiosis, and eventually chronic inflammation.

  • stress hormone (cortisol) levels may become chronically elevated (or depressed) feeding hormone disruption further, causing fatigue, and compromising your immune system

  • repairing and building muscle after workouts will be less efficient and you may feel tired, begin skipping workouts, and experience mood dysregulation, brain fog, inflammation, weight gain, and muscle loss.

  • irritability and less emotional resilience to stressful situations feed hormone dysfunction, fatigue, inflammation, and emotional eating or drinking.

  • chronic inflammation also feeds a negative mental outlook, anxiety, and depression by damaging your brain health, reinforcing unhealthy eating habits and lack of motivation to move your body.


If you are experiencing a chronic physical or  mental illness(es) and (im)balances, unrelenting stress from modern culture, or the feeling of (dis)connection even when you are with others, it is simply a sign for you to... reWild.


an intentional choice

to honor the wisdom of nature, 

(re)kindle a soulful relationship

with the natural world,

and (re)store health & wellbeing

with nutrient-rich whole foods

and nature-infused self-care,

mindfulness, & lifestyle transformation

The Wild at Heart Method is uniquely designed to help you transition into a lifestyle that awakens your inner wild and supports your wellbeing. A lifestyle reset can be simple, sustainable, and fun when you (re)align yourself with nature.

Subscribe for reWilding inspiration and download the reWilding Retreat Guide: a nature-infused, self-guided retreat to explore on your own or with family and friends designed to help you de-stress, disconnect from technology, soulfully connect with loved ones & nature, nourish your mind.body with healthy whole food, and provide the mental space for mindfulness.

I look forward to supporting you with the right program, service, or referral on your healing journey. Let's walk together for awhile...

We'll stop and smell the wildflowers. Smile a lot. And wander down the road less-traveled.

See you in the wild,


Angela Juhl, MS, CHWC, CYT

Master of Science in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Wellcoaches™ Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Wild Woman Project Circle Leader

Certified Yoga Teacher

Wild at Heart was founded on the mission: to take a stand against unsustainable cultural norms by empowering YOU to realign your lifestyle & mindset with the wisdom of nature for mind.body.heart & soul healing and rekindling a soulful relationship to the natural world...for yourself, your loved ones, our communities, and our beautiful planet.

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