Winter reWilding Retreat

Dearest Wild Ones,

The new moon is upon us tonight, a perfect time to set intentions for the month ahead.

If you are up for a challenge, I invite you to join me for the rest of the month of February for an at-home, personal mindfulness retreat and technology fast.

With the coldest days of the winter ahead here in the Midwest and a pandemic that continues its limitations, this moment seemed rich with opportunity for a mental and physical reset of habits and routines that no longer serve.

The stress of 2020 shifted quite a few of our personal habits and routines in ways that I am eager to let go of before the beginning of Spring. Maybe you can relate?

I've often found that an immersion or a personal challenge for a set period of time works really well for me when I am trying to make a significant change. There is also a well-researched school of thought that tiny shifts in habits each day toward a larger goal can also be a formula for success (e.g., starting with 3 minutes of meditation daily on your way to 20 minutes daily or doing 5 jumping jacks while you brush your teeth on your way to working out for 30 minutes 3 days a week). The all in strategy allows for experiencing the seismic inner and outer shifts all at once, which can be a bit of a wild ride!

Here is a glimpse of my 28-Day Retreat Intentions in the spirit of inspiring you to create your own for the remainder of the month.

A Couple of Tips

  1. Make sure you have a plan and a list of replacement options for the habits and routines you are trying to let go of or change

  2. Take advantage of the buddy system and do your retreat with your family or a friend to have some accountability and shared experience

  3. Keep a log or a journal to track things like your mood, sleep quality, energy, and success with each of your intentions.

Letting Go of Distractions, a 28-Day Technology Fast to Create More Stillness & Silence

  • Let go of reading or listening to the news

  • Let go of streaming all entertainment

  • Let go of social media scrolling

  • No computer work before 7am or after 7pm

  • Limited texts, calls, video chats, or interaction with my phone

  • Limited commerce: in-person and online

Rituals of reWilding for Winter Self-Care, Intentionally Slowing Down, and Listening to Inner Wisdom

  • Daily self-directed yoga practice or online class

  • At least 20 minutes of meditation daily

  • Nature journaling & nature study

  • Reading real paper books from my reWilding list

  • Whole foods cooking and mindful meals without distraction

  • Create instead of consume: music, art, writing, journaling, etc.

Take a moment now and write down your intentions.

Eleven days into the retreat, I have a few observations:

  • Perfection is not required, but self-compassion and curiosity most certainly are.

  • If you aren't experiencing discomfort, you've likely not challenged yourself deeply enough.

  • Some days will be easy and some days you will feel like an animal pacing a cage - both are valuable.

  • On the cage-pacing days, this is where growth happens. Patterns, belief structures, and inner dialogues are revealed and therefor can be transformed.

  • On the easy days, remember to celebrate the joy in the simplest of pleasures!

And when it's all said and done, you get to choose what new habits and routines you will carry forward into Spring and which ones you have let go of, possibly forever.

Be Well and I'll See You in the Wild,


Angela Juhl, MS, CHWC, CYT

Master of Science in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Wellcoaches™ Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Wild Woman Project Circle Leader

Certified Yoga Teacher

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I look forward to supporting you with the right program, service, or referral on your healing journey. Let's walk together for awhile...

We'll stop and smell the wildflowers. Smile a lot. And wander down the road less-traveled.

Wild at Heart was founded on the mission: to take a stand against unsustainable cultural norms by empowering YOU to realign your lifestyle & mindset with the wisdom of nature for mind.body.heart & soul healing and rekindling a soulful relationship to the natural world...for yourself, your loved ones, our communities, and our beautiful planet.

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