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What is reWilding? Do I have to go on adventures in the wilderness to reWild?

reWilding is simply an intentional choice to honor the wisdom of nature with your lifestyle choices, rekindle your relationship with the natural world, and restore your health & wellbeing with nutrient-rich whole foods and nature-infused self-care. It means to take a stand against the unsustainable cultural norms we're all experiencing and intentionally choose a lifestyle that supports mind.body wellbeing for yourself, your loved ones, and for the earth.


Why reWilding Matters: Rebuilding Our Relationship to the Wild World

For decades, our culture has been creating strong & opposing forces against our collective health & wellbeing. reWilding offers a path forward that realigns our cultural norms with the wisdom of nature to co-create a new world where mind, body, heart & soul wellbeing is the norm, rather than the exception - and where the Earth can begin to heal, too.

What are the symptoms of a broken relationship with the natural world?
  • chronic physical and/or mental illness that prevents you from loving your life
  • global epidemics of chronic disease, anxiety, and depression
  • unrelenting stress, exhaustion, or overwhelm
  • a feeling of (dis)connection, loneliness, isolation, or grief, even when you're with others
  • a familiarity or 'remembering' when you encounter nature that gives you some relief
  • our very real climate crisis 
What are the benefits of reWilding?
  • A mutually beneficial relationship with the wild world
  • A healthier relationship with food, movement, and self-love
  • Calming and soothing your nervous system with mindfulness-based practices & nature therapy to  build resilience to chronic stress and maintain a positive mood
  • Optimal cellular function to turn back the hands of time & feel more vibrant than you have in years
  • Nourishing your mind.body with health-promoting, nutrient-rich whole foods to feed your microbiome for  happier digestion (and resolve chronic gut issues) and support hormone function for more abundant energy,   restful sleep,  glowing  skin, and a healthy weight as you age
  • Lowering chronic inflammation and eliminating excess burden on your immune system so it can function properly and keep you well
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