Rituals of (re)Wilding

Workshop Series

Soulful, Nature-Based Rituals

& Mindfulness Practices

for Stress Reduction

& Emotional Resilience

This one-of-a-kind workshop is  . . .

an invitation to (re)kindle a soulful relationship to the natural world & harness the power of nature  for stress reduction, emotional resilience, and mind.body.heart & soul wellbeing.

We'll explore the Art of (re)Wilding through fun, practical, and restorative lifestyle rituals you can do in solitude or with your loved ones every day.

Workshop Series Content

6 Lessons

  • Welcome Lesson: The Art of (re)Wilding

    We'll explore the Art of (re)Wilding through fun, practical, and restorative lifestyle rituals you can do in solitude or with your loved ones every day.

  • Lesson 1: Earthing

    Harness the power of the Earth to lower inflammation, lift your mood, improve your sleep, and reduce the effects of chronic or acute stress. Learn how to also harness this power inside your home! 

  • Lesson 2: Mindful Sensory Hiking (& Walking)

    A daily practice to combine time spent in nature with mindfulness to feel fully alive with all of your senses.

  • Lesson 3: Earth Circles

    A multi-cultural ritual that combines earth-based art with intuition-led guidance and healing whenever needed. 

  • Lesson 4: Nature Totems & Spirit Animals

    Tap into spirit animal teachings & guidance to deepen your relationship with the natural world and receive support in beautiful & healing ways from the animal kingdom!

  • Lesson 5: Sun & Circadian Rhythms

    Align with the rhythms and cycles present in nature to guide you in honoring your own rhythms and cycles for creativity, rest, and energy.

  • Lesson 6: Moon & Stars

    Experience the magnetic quality of the moon and her wisdom and find your touchstone in the stars!

Welcome Lesson

The Art of (re)Wilding

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Workshop Lessons Will Include:

  1. Videos/Audios 

  2. Lesson Summary PDF Downloads

  3. Discovery Sessions & Resource Links 

  4. Journal Reflection Prompts

Young Family

Mind.Body.Heart & Soul

Benefits of (re)Wilding Rituals

  • a more resilient immune system & stress response

  • more restful sleep

  • a brighter, happier mood and more creativity

  • less chronic inflammation & pain

  • deepening of your mindfulness practices

  • slowing down to witness your life with more gratitude

  • tapping into & listening to your intuition

  • soulfully (re)connecting to wonder for the wild world

  • experiencing the guidance & teachings from nature (because it is always speaking to us)

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Hello  I'm Angela, a functional nutrition health coach.
After navigating my own nature-infused healing journey and witnessing our culture’s collective relationship breakdown to the wild world that has led to the epidemics of chronic illness, anxiety, depression, and the climate crisis...


I founded Wild at Heart to take a stand against unsustainable cultural norms by empowering YOU to (re)align your lifestyle, mindset, and home with the wisdom of nature for healing  mind, body, heart &  soul, (re)kindling a soulful relationship to the natural world, and healing yourself, your loved ones, our communities, and our home on this earth.

Let's walk together for awhile... we'll stop and smell the wildflowers, smile a lot, and wander down the road less-traveled.


Be well and I'll see you in the wild.

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