Wild Reset Program

(re)Wild Your Mind, Body, & Home 

Are You Ready To Be Free From?

  • the chaos of modern life

  • chronic stress & burnout

  • hormonal (im)balances

  • feelings of anxiety or depression

  • mental and physical fatigue

  • overwhelm

  • technology addictions

  • weight & sleep challenges

  • chronic inflammation & pain

  • food & gut issues


The Wild Reset Program is


. . . a treasure map of transformation to (re)align your nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and home with the wisdom of nature to heal mind.body (im)balances, deepen your mindfulness, strengthen your immune system, increase stress resilience, sleep more soundly, and inspire a nourishing relationship with nature, food, movement & ritual.




slow down & savor 

...the simple things

Monthly (re)Wilding Themes



(re)Wild Your Wellbeing Vision to Find Your True North


Supporting Detoxification + Healing Body System #2: Immune Health & Lowering Chronic Inflammation​


(re)Wild Your Mind with Mindfulness, Intention-Setting  & Creating Sacred Space


(re)Wild Your Mood with Self-Love  + Healing Body System #5: Brain Health, Mood, & Mental Function


(re)Wild Your Meals: Eating Rainbows + Healing Body System #1: Blood Sugar Regulation & Hormone Balance


(re)Wild Your Home, Personal Care Products, & Supplements


(re)Wild Mealtime with Mindful & Intuitive Eating + Healing Body System #4: Gut Health & Your Microbiome


(re)Wild Your Stress Resilience

with Nature Therapy & Tapping


(re)Wild Your Kitchen, Grocery Shopping, & Meal Prep


(re)Wild Your Movement by Tapping into Freedom & Joy + Healing Body System #3: Energy & Mitochondria


(re)Wild Your Circadian Rhythms for Restful Sleep


(re)Wild Your Holidays: Slowing Down, Self-Care, & Sacred Gifts 

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Mind.Body.Home Healing & Transformation


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Mind, Body, Heart & Soul

Benefits of a 'Wild Reset'

  • a lifestyle in balance with your natural rhythms

  • simple, whole food meals for cellular health

  • a healthy home environment

  • more mental & physical energy

  • less pain & chronic inflammation

  • a healthier weight & body composition

  • a brighter mood & sharper mental function

  • emotional balance with less anxiety & depression

  • more restful sleep

  • happier digestion and less bloating, gas, pain, & constipation/diarrhea

  • a mental toolbox of soulful, mindfulness practices

  • resilience against stress and overwhelm


 Can you hear

the call of the wild ?  


The (re)Wilding Movement




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Serving the Greater Des Moines Metro Area: Des Moines, West Des Moines, Ankeny, Waukee, Clive, Grimes, Johnston, Urbandale, Windsor Heights, Altoona, and Norwalk.  
I also work with clients from anywhere in the world via phone & video teleconference. 
Hello  I'm Angela, a functional nutrition health coach.
After navigating my own nature-infused healing journey and witnessing our culture’s collective relationship breakdown to the wild world that has led to the epidemics of chronic illness, anxiety, depression, and the climate crisis...


I founded Wild at Heart to take a stand against unsustainable cultural norms by empowering YOU to (re)align your lifestyle, mindset, and home with the wisdom of nature for healing  mind, body, heart &  soul, (re)kindling a soulful relationship to the natural world, and healing yourself, your loved ones, our communities, and our home on this earth.

Let's walk together for awhile... we'll stop and smell the wildflowers, smile a lot, and wander down the road less-traveled.


Be well and I'll see you in the wild.

Angela Juhl, MS, CHWC, CYT
Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
Wellcoaches™ Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Wild Woman Project Circle Leader
Certified Yoga Teacher

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