Wild Reset 


Lifestyle reWilding Workshops


'Wild Reset' Workshops are a treasure map of transformation to realign your diet, lifestyle, mindset

and home with the wisdom of nature. 



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reWild Your Meals: Eating Whole Food Rainbows  is Easy With Meal Prep and Go-To Customizable Recipes

Yoga by the Pool

reWild Your Movement by Tapping into Freedom & Joy in the Outdoors


reWild Mealtime with Mindful & Intuitive Eating principles 

Meditating on the Beach

reWild Your Mind with Mindfulness, Nature Therapy & Creating Sacred Space

Modern Dining Room

reWild Your Home & Office by Inviting Nature In and Kicking Toxins Out

Under the Stars

reWild Your Sleep by Aligning Your Daily Routine with the Rhythms of Nature

Rock Maze

Digital Detoxes & Nature Meditations


Intentional reWilding retreats and nature based meditations to supercharge your resilience against chronic stress.

Wild Horses on the Prarie

Nature Totems & Spirit Animals

Tap into the teachings & guidance from animals to deepen your relationship with the natural world and receive healing support from the animal kingdom!

Enjoying Outdoor


Harness the power of the Earth to lower inflammation, lift your mood, improve your sleep, and reduce stress. 

Girl Running in a Field

Embracing Seasons & Cycles

Align with the rhythms and cycles present in nature to guide you in honoring your own rhythms and cycles for creativity, rest, and energy.

Couple on a Walk

Sensory Immersions

A daily practice to combine time spent in nature with mindfulness to feel fully alive with all of your senses.

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Nature Journaling

Explore this beloved relationship-building ritual to tune into the beauty and wonder of mother nature in all of its artful details.